Friday, July 6, 2012

Sri Aurobindo on Meditation - Part II

Conditions internal and external that are most essential for meditation

There are no essential external conditions, but solitude and seclusion at the time of meditation as well as stillness of the body are helpful, sometimes almost necessary to the beginner.  But one should not be bound by external conditions.  Once the habit of meditation is formed, it should be made possible to do it in all circumstances, lying, sitting, walking, alone, in company, in silence or in the midst of noise, etc.

The first internal condition necessary is concentration of the will against the obstacles to meditation, i.e. wandering of the mind, forgetfulness, sleep, physical and nervous impatience and restlessness etc.

The second is an increasing purity and calm of the inner consciousness (citta) out of which thought and emotion arise, i.e. a freedom from all disturbing reactions, such as anger, grief, depression, anxiety about worldly happenings etc.  Mental perfection and moral are always closely allied to each other.

Growing within – The psychology of Inner Development
(Compilation of the works of Sri Aurobindo)

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