Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Weekly online Guided meditation sessions and Satsung

Free online conference on ‘Guided Meditation Sessions’ and ‘Discussions on Topics of Vedas’
Every Saturday at 7.00 AM EST from New York through Skype
Send in ‘Add Request’ from your Skype account to ‘DLSNewYork’

The Divine Life Society
This Week's Topic 'Stillness in the Midst of Activity'
The Divine Life Society is a shining example of the creative aspect of the Divinity within man. It is a remarkable achievement of the Founder, His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda, who from the year 1936, has built up the wonderful mansion of 'Divine Life' brick by brick, on the firm foundations of purity, integrity, nobility and magnanimity.
Please take a few minutes to read the attached svadyaya page
‘Stillness in the Midst of activity'
Swami Chidananda Maharaj
29 September 2012 Agenda:
v  Introduction
v  Initial Prayers
v  Guided Meditation
v  Discussions on
‘Stillness in the Midst of activity’
v  Concluding Prayers
v  Acknowledgements
Some Tips on Joining the Conference:
Await our Calls at 6.50 AM
Answer without Video (unless pre-planned)
Mute your Microphone
Enable your Microphone when called for Comments
Feel free to make suggestions
Consent to ‘Recording of the session’
DLS New York Mission
With the blessing of Guru Maharaj, we have started conducting this Satsung from our New York center every Saturday at 7 AM EST. Shortly we will also be hosting an additional Spiritual Satsung session to accommodate our West Coast members here in the USA.
In this session, we plan to bring in ‘Guided Meditation’ Techniques as prescribed by the Swamijis in the Shivananda Ashram for many decades and from the Divine Life Society Rishikesh directly. Swami Chidanandaji’s recording will be played for the practice of the Meditation.
After the Meditation, we open up a topic for each week for discussions among the participants. With the help of our Gurus and Swamijis we will pick up a suitable topic for each week.
Great topics (not limited to) that we are planning are:
1)      All the ten most important Upanishads
2)      Process & Practice of Meditation
3)      Philosophy and Religion
4)      Integration of Science, Religion and Philosophy
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