Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ultimate truth and desire

A spiritual seeker will have to ultimately realize that the spiritual understanding comes through realization and can only be experienced.  This is an out of world phenomenon which cannot be explained by man made words.  It is like trying to explain the beauty of nature through words and pictures.  We will be only seeing through the eyes of the author and we will not have the same experience.
Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna the knowledge of liberation, as the ultimate truth, which will relieve a person from bondage from this material existence.  Every person who has taken birth has to take countless births to dissolve the karmas created by his actions due to material desires. 

Buddha says: Desire is the root cause of all evil.  Desire and attachment to objects gives rise to emotions and anger.  From anger delusion is caused which in turn leads to unsteady mind, which destroys the intellect.  So a seeker of true spiritual knowledge has to control his body, mind and senses to be free of ego “I” and “mine” to attain final liberation.  

In chapter 2, verse 72, Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna - there is no delusion even at the moment of death , for one who has gained (realized) the ultimate truth and thus this ultimate truth relieves a person from bondage from this material existence. 

Esa brahmi sthitih partha nainam prapya vimuhyati
Sthitvasyam anta-kale pi brahma-nirvanam rcchati

This state is possible by a  spiritual seeker only when he relinquishes all desires of the mind through determination caused by the awareness (Jagruti) caused by consciousness. He is of steady mind only when he casts off the delusion and is satisfied in the Self through his Self alone. The intellectual knowledge is only established when mind withdraws the perceptions caused by the material objects.

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